By Alicia Rojo
Knowledge is power. Throughout many years, people in control -those trying to impose their authority upon others- feared the possibility that those under their dominance would become conscious of their situation. Time has developed, though, and so ways of thinking. Knowledge is not longer regarded as some kind of nuclear bomb, powerful but potentially destructive. Knowledge is now an essential tool for success.
Caxton College offers students with this academic side. Fact. Figures. Skills needed in a day to day basis.
And The Caxton Chronicles, the official and “freshly baked” school newspaper, promises to offer an additional and innovative chance for students, so that they are able to further discover the wonders of knowledge. One that isn’t acquired academically. One that expands your fields. One that empowers you even more.
What is The Caxton Chronicles? So let’s stop making a fuss about all of this “power” idea, and get directly to the point. The Caxton Chronicles is a pioneering project which intends to bring together closer and tighter the community which composes our school.
We are constantly surrounded by news hitting the headlines in the real world – and so it happens within the school grounds. That is exactly what we want to show through this publication – how much happens at Caxton. How strongly Caxton students are affected by daily events which at first may even seem trivial. The analysis of apparently simple things occurring to our fellow TCC-journalists will offer you new perspectives. New point of views. More knowledge. Greater power.
And not only can students benefit from The Caxton Chronicles! It may be true that it is mainly a publication written for and by Caxtonians, but we would love parents and members of the staff to get involved and have a voice in this new project.
The Caxton Chronicles will make free printed copies (please ask in the offices for your copy!) AND online ones available for a broad public. To read the online copy, as well of receiving more information, you can visit the website,
Please remember that The Caxton Chronicles is a non-profit, student-led project, and so, funds are needed to develop it, print it, publish it… If you would be interested in donating to impulse this tiny, but fast growing project, you’re more than welcome to do so through the website. Furthermore, and as a means to ensure that other stakeholders can also benefit from TCC, we invite you to advertise yourself in the newspaper for a sum of money (for more information, please contact us through the webpage as well or by sending an email to
And so, are you ready? We have a lot of knowledge to spread, and we are looking for possible candidates for it…
The Team

Alicia Rojo & Sofya Abramchuck