By Inés P., Year 10 student at Caxton College


“I am Malala” – Malala Yousafzai

This is the autobiography of Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel peace prize winner ever. She has inspired thousands of men and women to fight peacefully against terrorism and to fight for education. She shares her inspiring story in this amazing autobiography.

Malala lived in Pakistan with her two brothers and her mum and her dad who owned the girls’ school that Malala attended. She had a normal life, she went to school and really enjoyed it. Her major preoccupations were having top grades in her class until one day the Taliban invaded their city. They took control of the city and imposed really strict rules:  women could not leave the house alone, girls older than 11 couldn’t go to school, neither they could speak with someone who wasn’t from their family. As Malala loved school, she and her friends still went to school and whenever they asked them how old were they, they would always respond eleven. As she and her family suffered a lot her dad gave her the opportunity of writing a blog for the BBC, describing how horrible their conditions were. She became quite famous as many people read it. She even went to England to give speeches to students. Until one day she was on the school bus heading to school and some terrorists stopped the bus. They were looking for her. The terrorists recognized her and shot her in the head.

This book is really inspiring and makes you appreciate what you have and how important education is. I really recommend this book to everyone, particularly to students, to see what incredible things people do just to go to school. Also the book is easy to read as it doesn’t have lots of difficult vocabulary. It’s not really big and it doesn’t take much time to read, but Malala’s story might just change the way you think.

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