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Reflexiones, consejos y emociones que a diario nos asaltan en este trabajo que supone dirigir un centro docente / Thoughts, advice and emotions that occur to us as we work every day to achieve academic excellence at our school.

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Should iPads be banned from schools?

Article by Adella N, Year 6, Primary Matters journalist

Debate rages about the use of technology in schools. On one hand, some people think there shouldn’t be iPads in schools, but on the other, people speak about the many amazing things iPads do for learning.

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Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente / World Environment Day

Para celebrar el Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente recogimos en este vídeo algunas reflexiones y sugerencias de nuestros Eco Warriors de Primaria para que todos mejoremos el uso y consumo de plásticos con el fin de reducir nuestra huella de carbono en el planeta.

To celebrate World Environment Day, we put together this video with some thoughts and suggestions from our Primary Eco Warriors to inspire us to think about how we can reduce the quantity of plastic that we consume as well as our negative impact on the planet.

Reconocimiento académico internacional / International Academic Recognition

Cuatro alumnas de Bachillerato recibieron de la mano de Pearson la mejor nota en Europa, en el mundo y en España en algunos de sus exámenes A Level para acceder a la universidad.

Esta prestigiosa junta examinadora que se encarga de evaluar exámenes oficiales a colegios británicos de todo el mundo hace varios meses hizo públicas sus notas y llamó poderosamente la atención que cuatro alumnas de nuestra promoción graduada el curso pasado obtuviesen los mejores resultados académicos internacionales y nacionales. Todas las estudiantes coinciden en que se sienten muy felices y orgullosas por este reconocimiento tan inesperado como motivador.

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Mind of the Machine

Article by Vicente I, Year 11, Caxton Times journalist

Chat GPT is a chatbot launched by Open AI circa November 2022. Despite its new entrance in the Internet, it has become extremely popular due to its potential in skill. Chat GPT is probably one of the most revolutionary steps in artificial intelligence, especially from a philosophical standpoint. This is due to one of the programme’s most majestic features, the ability to write long cohesive forms of information and learn to improve these texts. 

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The Science Behind Music-Linked Memories

Image designed by Elena M and Galyna Z, Year 11

Article by Sasha Ú, Year 10, Caxton Times journalist

Have you ever suddenly heard a song you haven’t listened to in ages, and a very specific moment in your life pops up in your head? No matter what, whenever I listen to the song ‘No Wind Resistance!’ by “Kinneret’, I perfectly visualise the windy winter outside, the late night science studying with this song playing in my headphones, and the background sound of the TV in the back as everyone else is asleep. We all experience this, and it actually has to do with how your subconscious mind processes an event in your life. So, what does that actually mean? 

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Día Mundial de los Docentes / World Teachers’ Day


Nuestros alumnos quisieron darles las gracias a sus profesores con el motivo del Día Mundial del Docente, que celebramos en el colegio el día 4 de octubre, con este entrañable vídeo. Nuestro equipo docente se emocionó con los mensajes, y esperamos que también les emocione a Uds.


Our students wished to express their thanks to their teachers for World Teachers’ Day, which we celebrated here in school on 4th October, with this heartfelt video. Our staff was very touched by the messages, and we hope you will be too.

Duke of Edinburgh Practice Expedition

A group of Year 10 students took part in the Bronze category expedition for the Duke of Edinburgh programme this November. The area chosen for the expedition was the Garbí in Estivella, visiting the Monte Picayo and Gilet on the way.
As told to us first hand by Pilar G, from Year 10D, it was a really enriching experience for all concerned, and not helped to develop their orienteering skills, but also improved their ability to work as a team.

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Descubriendo a nuestros copresidentes escolares / Getting to know our school co-presidents

Hi everyone!
This is Eva Castelló and Argi Aguilar, this year’s co-presidents.  Firstly, we would like to take this chance to thank everyone for placing your trust in us, we can assure we will put all our effort to do our best.  But the truth is very few people really know what our job is, so we are glad to be able to write this post to tell you in closer detail what we do.

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Pupil book of the month / Recomendación lectora mensual de nuestros alumnos

“All the Bright Places” – Jennifer Niven

By Jana K, Year 10 student at Caxton College

“The story of a girl who learns to live from a boy who wants to die.”

Theodore Finch is fascinated by death; Violet Markey lives for the future. When they meet on the ledge of the bell tower at school, it’s unclear who saves whom. Their meeting leads to a journey of discovery and they go wherever the road takes them. This is a heart-wrenching, unflinching story of love shared, life lived, and two teens who find one another while standing on the edge.

I wanted to read this book a long time ago. I expected it to be similar to The Fault in our Stars, but it was completely different and I loved it. This book has a lot of sadness in it, but it is described in a kind of philosophical way. My favourite character is Finch: I like his personality and the way he thinks. I relate to him because I also like music and wandering! I like how he acts with his family and also how little he cares about himself and how much he cares about Violet.

My copy of the novel is bookmarked with different quotes that I find interesting or inspiring. This is a book about teenage life and I liked it a lot.

Link to the book on goodreaders

Recommended for key stage 4 and up.

“All the Bright Places” – Jennifer Niven

Por Jana K, alumna de Year 10 en Caxton College

“La historia de una chica que aprende a vivir de un chico que quiere morir.”

A Theodore Finch le fascina la muerte; Violet Markey vive por el futuro. Cuando se conocen en la cornisa del campanario del colegio, no está claro quién le salva a quién. Su encuentro los lleva a un viaje de descubrimiento, y se van adonde los lleve el camino. Es una historia desgarradora e impávida de un amor compartido, una vida vivida, y dos adolescentes que se encuentran estando en el filo.

Llevaba queriendo leer este libro desde hace mucho tiempo. Esperaba que se pareciera a The Fault in our Stars (Bajo la misma estrella), pero era totalmente diferente y me encantó. Este libro contiene mucha tristeza, pero se describe de forma bastante filosófica. Mi personaje favorito es Finch: me gusta su personalidad y la forma que tiene de pensar. Me siento identificada con él porque ¡también me gusta la música y deambular! Me gusta cómo se comporta con su familia y también lo poco que se preocupa por sí mismo, y lo mucho que se preocupa por Violet.

Mi ejemplar de la novela está marcado con las distintas citas que me parecieron interesantes o inspiradoras. Es un libro que trata de la vida de adolescentes, y me ha gustado muchísimo.

Enlace a la información sobre el libro en Goodreads.

Recomendado a partir de 14 años.

Pupil book of the month/ Recomendación lectora mensual de nuestros alumnos

“The Perks of Being a Wallflower” – Stephen Chbosky

By Gonzalo E., Year 10 student at Caxton College

The story is told through the eyes of Charlie, a fifteen year old boy, who writes letters to an unknown person. During the school year, he meets new friends – Patrick and the beautiful Sam – and experiences many emotions. The story explores important issues such as sexuality, bullying, child abuse, friendship and drugs, and as you read you will discover the feelings of a boy with a dark past.

The author manages to develop sensitive issues like the sexual abuse of children in an impressive way. From the first moment, this book grabbed my attention, as much for its purity as for its ordinary yet incredible story. The most poignant thing about it is the ending. It will surprise all readers, and confirms that this book is not only a story about an emotionally unbalanced young man but also it is a guide for young people. It will teach you to love and appreciate yourself. This book is not only a masterpiece: it is the story I have been looking for since I started reading.

Link to the book on goodreads.

Recommended for key stage 4 and up.

“Las ventajas de ser un marginado” de Stephen Chbosky

Por Gonzalo E., alumno de Year 10A en Caxton College

La historia es narrada a través de los ojos de Charlie, un chico de quince años, que escribe cartas a una persona desconocida. Durante el curso escolar, él hace nuevos amigos–Patrick y la guapa Sam–y experimenta muchas emociones. La historia explora temas tan importantes como la sexualidad, el bullying, el abuso a menores, la amistad y la droga, y conforme leas la novela, descubrirás los sentimientos de un chico con un pasado oscuro.

El autor consigue desarrollar los temas delicados, como el abuso a menores, de una forma impresionante. Desde el primer momento, este libro captó mi atención, tanto por su pureza como por su historia tan corriente pero increíble. Lo más conmovedor es el final. Sorprenderá a todos los lectores, y confirma el hecho de que este libro no sólo trata de un chico con desequilibrio emocional, sino también sirve como una guía para personas jóvenes. Te enseñará a amar y valorar a ti mismo. Esta novela no es sólo una obra maestra: es la historia que he estado buscando desde que empecé a leer.

Enlace a la información sobre el libro en Goodreads.

Recomendado a partir de 14 años.

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