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Reflexiones, consejos y emociones que a diario nos asaltan en este trabajo que supone dirigir un centro docente / Thoughts, advice and emotions that occur to us as we work every day to achieve academic excellence at our school.

Embracing Caxton College Summer Camp: A Fusion of Fun, Learning, and Cultural Exchange

By Ms Katy Hardman, English Summer Teacher and her Secondary class

As the summer sun casts its warm glow, Caxton College opens its doors to a vibrant world of discovery and joy. Nestled in a picturesque setting, Caxton College’s summer school programme offers a unique blend of activities designed to engage, educate, and entertain students of all ages. With a wide array of experiences ranging from creative arts to sports, the programme ensures a memorable summer filled with fun, learning, and lasting friendships.

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Improving English Skills in Summer / Mejoramos los conocimientos del inglés en verano

By Mr Richard McKenzie, EFL Teacher

During the long summer break, I often recommend that my students aged between 12 and 16 remember that all languages are living just as Spanish is alive, and the best way they can practise their English is to get a book and read it.

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How to Make the Most of the Summer for Reading / Cómo aprovechar el verano para la lectura

By Ms Montoro, Reading Coordinator in Primary

It’s that time of year again when the children are looking forward to a long holiday filled with fun, sun, and hopefully some reading too! To support and encourage their reading journey and continue to expose them to a rich English vocabulary through various mediums, here are some tips and resources to help them make the most of the summer. By integrating these resources into daily routines, children can enjoy their holidays while also building a stronger vocabulary.

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Carlos Busutil representa a las familias de nuestra 24ª promoción y comparte reflexiones / Carlos Busutil in Representation of the Families of Our 24th Cohort Shares His Thoughts

Compartimos unas reflexiones y consejos que Carlos Busutil, padre de un estudiante de la 24ª promoción que se graduó este pasado 28 de junio, quiso dar a los estudiantes y sus familias durante esta entrañable ceremonia.

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Entrevista con Old Caxtonian Pablo Castelló sobre su programa de doctorado / Interview with Pablo Castelló, Old Caxtonian, about his PhD programme

Pablo Castelló, de la 17ª Promoción, cuenta su experiencia académica.

Tras completar el grado en ingeniería aeroespacial en la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV), sentí la necesidad de cambiar de aires y afrontar nuevos retos.

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Exhibition by Year 11 and 13 Artists: Observe, Seek, Challenge

By Ms Charlotte Owen, Head of Art in Secondary

Our Year 11 GCSE Fine Art and Year 13 A Level Fine Art students are taught how to critically analyse the artwork of a range of relevant art movements and artists. They learn to master applying subject specific vocabulary to create in depth artwork analysis, giving their opinions about the effects of the formal elements applied, whilst also comparing and contrasting the work of one artist with others. These critical thinking, speaking, and writing skills are highly transferable and beneficial to many other subjects and careers.

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UK Mathematics Trust Challenges

By Richard Ellis, Teacher of Mathematics in Secondary

This year has been a record breaking one in terms of the overall number of certificates and particularly Gold certificates won by our students sitting the UKMT Challenges. Of the Senior Challenge students, four of the Gold certificate winners, Diego D and Minanga J from Year 13, and Kethan F and Carlos L from Year 12, gave up their lunchtimes to became Student Mentors of Mathematics (SMoMs), planning and teaching lessons for our Key Stage 4 students to build their confidence and enable more of them to achieve certificates. I don’t think it is any coincidence that Diego and Minanga were interviewed for Oxford University this year: proven problem solvers are highly sought after by the top universities and employers.

Maggie W and Steve W from Year 11 achieved near perfect scores in the Intermediate Challenge and qualified for the Olympiad this year, and two of our Year 10 students, Claudia S and Hortensia F, joined the SMoM team and taught our Key Stage 3 students every Tuesday in their lunchtimes.

Of the students who took part in the Junior Challenge, 14 were awarded Gold certificates, of which 10 would have qualified for the follow-on Kangaroo round. Ari H, Alexandru C and Karen W in Year 8 were very close to qualifying for the prestigious Olympiad, the highest level of competition.

We celebrated these fantastic achievements in Awards Celebrations and the students were in high spirits. It is very promising indeed that our students are achieving such fantastic results, but more importantly, they are excited about being involved and working together as a community across year groups. We should feel very proud of our students and our community and continue to promote academic excellence and celebrate achievements!

Cómo abordar la negatividad online / How to Tackle Online Negativity


Compartimos unos consejos de la National Online Safety sobre cómo podemos guiar a nuestros hijos en situaciones negativas online en las que tengan que interactuar.

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Preparando los EPTs en Year 6 / Getting Ready for EPTs in Year 6

Our Year 6 students sit their End of Primary Tests next week and, whilst aware of the importance of getting good results in these exams, they wanted to highlight some other equally important aspects of this final year in Primary. Ms Raphael, Teacher of Year 6, has shared the video with us.

Nuestros estudiantes de Year 6 se presentan a sus exámenes de final de Primaria (End of Primary Tests) la semana que viene y, aún siendo conscientes de la importancia de obtener buenos resultados en estas pruebas, han querido destacar otros aspectos igualmente importantes de este último curso del ciclo de Primaria. El vídeo nos lo comparte Ms Raphael, profesora de Year 6.

Basic Study Tips for Secondary and Sixth Form / Pautas básicas de estudio para Secundaria y Bachillerato

Exams are starting and sometimes it’s difficult for students to know where to start in their studying. Our team of Secondary teachers has shared some tips that helped them when they were students. We hope they will serve as a helpful starting point.

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